Shambhala Observatory


Specializing in Remote Video Astronomy

- watch on your mobile device, computer, or bigscreen




Via Text: Use the contact form below to get on the private text list. 

Via Email:  Add the Livestream Observatory Channel  to your follower list.   If prompted, create a free Livestream account with your preferred email and password.  Then go to your home or account page, click on settings/notifications and select your preferences.


Notifications will give the link to the event along with the start time (Pacific USA).  Further information and any updates will be posted on the event page.   Occasionally the weather or technical issue causes a delay or postponement so please be sure to check the page ahead of time - especially if you have a group of people planning to watch with you. 


Once you are on the Livestream event page at the scheduled start time, the stream pops up on your screen when it starts.   No password required.


Shambhala Observatory

Shambhala Monastery

9977 Bottle Rock Road

Kelseyville * CA 95451 * USA

Ways to Watch


Watch an event on  your iphone, ipod, or ipad; on your computer, laptop or TV.


For the best experience, stream directly to bigscreen or projector via Apple TV G4 or Roku 3/4 - both these devices have a free Livestream app which is recommended.


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